‘There are few personal possessions that we consider as precious and meaningful, or wear as close to our hearts, as a piece of jewellery. It is a sign of commitment, a storyteller and sometimes a secret keeper. Through jewellery we connect with those who came before us and to those who will come after. The jewellery we wear will go on to tell our life story and for that reason, it deserves to be rare and made using the finest materials’. PA 

Drawing inspiration from memory and imagination, Art and landscape, with each limited collection Paula explores our personal and shared stories, giving them shape and form through precious metal and diamonds. Each handmade piece tells a beautiful story that will remind you of things you thought were forgotten and will at once feel part of you.

Paula uses a range of approaches to realise each piece; many beginning as wax sculptures in her studio. She works closely with local goldsmiths using only recycled or Fairtrade metals and sources stones carefully, to minimise her impact on the environment.

Paula chooses to create slowly, producing in small quantities to avoid over production and to preserve the exclusivity of the jewellery.

In addition to her collections, Paula works closely and discreetly with clients to create personal, one of a kind creations. This includes bespoke work and the transformation of antique jewellery into entirely new and wearable heirlooms. If you have a special piece in mind, please reach out to Paula directly at paulaaspinalljewellery@gmail.com

Paula has a background in Fine Art and while still a student, exhibited her work in group shows around the world before going on to teach Art in secondary schools.

Already a collector of jewellery, she fell in love with the process of creating it herself through a wax carving course at Central St Martins. She now designs full time from her studio in West Sussex.

For all customer, press and sales enquiry, please contact:

paulaaspinalljewellery@gmail.com Follow Paula Aspinall Jewellery on Instagram