Care Guide

Our jewellery is made with the intention that it be worn, loved, and passed to the next generation.

To ensure the longevity of your piece please read the following guidance.

Our jewellery is delicate by design, therefore particular care should be taken when fastening or removing your piece to avoid unnecessary damage.

Store your jewellery out of direct contact with air and light and avoid storing it directly next to other pieces as this can cause scratches.

Remove jewellery when washing, exercising, cleaning and while taking part in any other activity where the jewellery might be vulnerable to damage. Chemicals found in swimming pools and salt in the sea will all contribute to the tarnishing of your jewellery.

We do not advise sleeping in your jewellery.

Protect your jewellery from coming into contact with everyday detergents, cosmetics and perfume. Wait until after you have applied such products before putting on your jewellery.

If you have purchased a piece with diamonds, pearls or any other stones, have its settings checked annually by a professional to ensure that these remain secure.

Should you need to remove tarnish or restore shine to your gold jewellery, use a polishing cloth designed specifically for that purpose or visit your local jeweller for a professional clean.

If your piece contains diamonds, use a soft toothbrush with mild soapy water to remove dirt and restore shine. Be sure to rinse your jewellery well and dry fully with a clean cloth.

Silver jewellery is particularly prone to tarnish. It can be cleaned using a silver dip solution and then rinsed with mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush to remove dirt.

Gold vermeil is the term used to describe jewellery which has been made in silver and then plated with a layer of gold. Gold vermeil pieces can be cleaned gently with mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush, however do make sure the piece is properly dried afterwards. Cleaning will not restore the gold plating which will inevitably wear away over time. We recommend having your piece re-plated if you would like to restore its original appearance. 

Please contact us, or visit your local jeweller should your piece need repair. While we cannot be responsible for damage to jewellery caused by lack of care or general wear and tear, we are always happy to advise and will do our best to help.